Arnoud van den Berg fell in love with the bass in his early years. Inspired by Beatle Paul McCartney, he started off by playing blues and rock on the electric and found his calling some years later by switching to the upright. He studied jazz before hitting the road in 1997 to explore a diversity of styles. Two years of playing in South Korea with a Latin band gave him the opportunity to develop a solid sound on the bass.

Since the beginning of the century Arnoud has gotten familiar with the music of Django Reinhardt, and it was in 2007 when he became a steady member of the Robin Nolan Trio. A trio in which according to Arnoud all the important things in music come together: creativity and sensibility, groove and swing, trust and inspiration. Not long after this, Jimmy Rosenberg came along and for a bunch of years he teamed up with one of the most gifted instrumentalists ever around. After the adventure with Jimmy, which it truly was, he kept on playing with Jimmy's younger brother Nomy Rosenberg. So the gypsy spirit kept on going.

One of the more recent projects he committed himself to is the Hot Club d'Europe. A Finnish/Dutch collaboration, featuring Paulus Schäfer and Olli Soikkeli. In the meanwhile he still joins forces with Robin Nolan, who made it possible for Arnoud to act out his love of traveling by performing at stages all over the world: from China to Canada, from Reykjavik to Rome.

Besides working in the international Gypsy Jazz scene, Arnoud - together with the Robin Nolan Trio - started to cooperate with Dutch singer Janne Schra. After having recorded and lanced the album, the tour of this project is planned for the fall of 2014.